Subscription FAQs


Types of Subscription - 1 month, 6 months or 12 months. You can avail of a Single Payment Subscription or Continuous Membership.


A single payment subscription will debit your card once for the period of the particular subscription you choose. When the term of the subscription ends you will need to renew the subscription yourself.


If you choose continuous membership you accept that your subscription will be automatically renewed from one period to the other and your credit/debit card will be charged based on the subscription package (annual, six monthly or monthly) you have chosen.


Users of the service must be individual paying subscribers.


What can I do with my Subscription?

Once you have purchased your subscription you can search the index and view the available details of the records. You may use and its contents for your own personal, non-commercial use, i.e. to research your own family history. You cannot provide third parties with details of any of the records that you have paid to view, even if you provide them for free. Reasonable monthly limits have been set for users to allow them to access the index search and to view the details of any records that relate to their family history.


My Limits

We have a fair usage limit for subscribers, but we deliberately set it very high (1,000 views of records in 1 month; 7,000 views in 6 months; 15,000 views in 12 months. If you do manage to reach the limit, you will need to wait for the next calendar month of your subscription to start searching again (when your monthly limit is automatically reset).


My Records

For the duration of your subscription only you can save up to a maximum 100 records for further viewing in your online account. You can delete records or add records to this list as long as it does not exceed 100 records at any time. However, you need to print out or save to your own computer any records that you wish to view after your subscription is finished.


Cannot access your Subscription account?

If you have just purchased a subscription and cannot access the index and records, please log out of your account and then log in again. If you still have difficulties please email us at


I already have a Pay per View account? What do I do?

If you have existing credits in your account purchased in the last 12 months under our previous service of Pay Per View credits (and our previous terms and conditions) you can continue to use them to search and view records on the site until they are used up.  However, the Pay Per View service is being closed down and no further purchases of credits can be made commencing 24th September, 2014.


If you wish to use the Subscription Service we will facilitate you in converting the remaining Purchased Credits in your account against the value of any of the three subscriptions offered. However, on conversion of your paid credits into a Subscription your Pay Per View free search credits will also expire.


How does the Credits Conversion work?

The Credits Conversion will work as shown in the following example when you select any of the three subscription options:


Credit conversion image
Credit conversion image

When you choose to use your Existing Purchased Credits towards purchasing a Subscription you are accepting that your previous contract with us under the Pay Per View system is null and void.  Any remaining free search credits will not be carried over to the new Subscription service. You will not be able to return to the Pay Per View service once you have used your remaining credits towards purchasing a Subscription.  However, any records that you have paid to view in the previous 24 months will still be available to you to view. These records will be deleted from your account 24 months from the date that you purchased them using the Pay Per View service as per the terms and conditions that were in effect when you purchased the credits.


Once you have used your credits towards paying for a subscription of your choice you will be accepting the terms and conditions of use of the site as they relate to the Subscription Service only. 


All prices quoted are in Euro (€) GBP (£) and USD ($).


Using the Site

Please consult our HELP section at

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